Model No. NES-004 Controller T-shirt

Unisex $15.00!
Ladies $16.00!

Colors: White on Black
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Unisex: Fruit of the Loom 50/50 Best
Ladies: Anvil Ring-Spun Semi-Sheer Crewneck

Strip away all your fancy analog sticks and vibrating motors and gyroscopes and game controllers work pretty much the same today as they did 20+ years ago. You start by pressing the D-pad or the A and B buttons. The buttons press down on little pieces of rubber called contacts. The contacts press down on contact circuits on the circuit board. The circuits create electric signals. The signals are sent to the CPU. The CPU the- what?

Yeah, no, you heard us right. Rubber. Tiny little pieces of rubber are what's making your XBox controller work, folks. And now you can wear this shirt to suprise and confuse others with this slightly absurd fact.

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