Kwyjibo Simpsons T-shirt

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Unisex: Fruit of the Loom 50/50 Best
Ladies: Anvil Ring-Spun Semi-Sheer Crewneck

Any self-respecting nerd has at least a modest-sized mental compendium of esoteric and bizarre facts. Video game geeks know that the inventor of the first home console was Ralph Baer, typophiliacs know that the partially closed space inside of a C is called a counter, and astronomy aficionados know that the lifetime of a red dwarf can last trillions of years.

And outdoor wildlife experts? Well, any amateur can tell you about a little-known North American ape called the Kwyjibo. Long on the endangered species list, the beast is characterized by its short temper and strangely receding hairline. Of course, the rarity of the Kwyjibo makes its existence known to few, and many simply choose to flat-out disbelieve it when told about it -- for instance, when used by family members in competitive word games. Imagine that!

To celebrate this elusive yet fascinating piece of trivia, we present this shirt. Sure, only an elite few nature cognoscenti will understand it, but isn't that half the fun?

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